Setting up Work Areas:

Never use a knife on formica or steel counter tops. Always use a cutting board when cutting. When setting up a work area, wet and wring out a kitchen towel and place it beneath the cutting board surface. This will prevent the board from slipping while you work so you'll cut the food, not your hand.

There are several cutting board surfaces on the market. I prefer the white plastic to the wood because it can be put in the dishwasher and remains more sanitary. However, it does tend to dull your knives more quickly than a wooden block. A wooden block is pretty but requires more thorough cleansing to remain sanitary as the pores of the wood can trap bacteria. Whatever your choice, make sure its big. Don't purchase anything smaller than 18 X 24. If my board is too small, I always find myself running out of room for the "piles" of food I've prepped for a recipe.

It's also much more expedient to work directly into a trash can not into a sink. Although most home sinks contain a disposal, it's much easier to place waste directly into a trash can. Purchase a tall can that you can work into and keep it along side you when you work. After prep, just empty the trash; no cleaning out the sink!

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