Sanitation Basics:

Even when working in your home kitchen, there are still a few common sense, safety-oriented work habits to cultivate.

Wash your hands before starting anything in the kitchen.

Always work in shoes, never sandals or bare feet. Anything dropping or spilling could potentially harm your feet, especially if it's very hot. In addition, it's too easy to slip on food bits or wet surfaces without shoes.

Tie back loose, long hair so it doesn't get in your way and possibly into your food.

Keep your nails short and unpainted in the kitchen. Long, painted nails are a cooking no-no for several reasons. Raw food, especially meat, trapped under the nails can transmit bacteria to whatever you're preparing. Nail polish chips with wear and can deposit polish in your meal.

Keep the jewelry to a minimum. It, too, can cross-contaminate food by carrying bacteria and germs from various other household chores.

I like wearing a full Chef's apron to protect my clothes when I'm in the kitchen. These are inexpensive especially when purchased at a restaurant supply house. I always have plenty of cotton kitchen towels for use when I work.